Our Products

Coffee Beans

Coffee arabica beans are the major export commodity of Afro trading. We deliver the famous Ethiopian coffee beans.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are one of the export items we have been delivering to the global market. We deliver sesame seeds produced in north western Ethiopia.

Kidney Beans

Afro trading exports top quality kidney beans that meet the global standards. The kidney beans are collected from the highlands of Ethiopia, with organic production process


Fresh Avocados are the other major export agricultural commodity of Afro Trading PLC. Our high quality Avocados are hand picked from southern Ethiopia, known for its diverse flora.

Varity of spices

We deliver some of the famous Ethiopian spices, that are best known for taste and aroma of Ethiopian food. some of the spices we deliver include Cumin Seed, Whole Turmeric, Embelia Ribes, and dry Ginger

Soya beens

We deliver one of the best Soya beans to the global market . Central Ethiopia produce several verity of soya beans, which has high nutrition value.